About Me

There are a couple of things about me that influence my photography. The first is that I’m an architect.  Not surprisingly, I like to photograph buildings.  I try my best to capture a building the way the designer might have first imagined it.  Beyond that, I also aim to document a building as it was originally drawn.  That’s why you’ll find so many shots of buildings in a flat elevation view on this site.

The second thing is that I grew up in a small town.  While I’ve spent my adult life living in large cities, I’m still fascinated by built environments found in small towns in this country.  I’m particularly interested in the architecture from the mid-20th century found in these places.  Despite the conservatism associated with rural communities, examples of progressive design are present in almost all of them.

Additionally, art and nature are great inspirations for me.  I feel drawn to document site specific installations and murals, as well as the transient experience of well-crafted train graffiti.  Landscapes and wildlife are also some of my favorite subjects. 

I hope you enjoy my website.  If you like what you see, follow me on Instagram for updates when I post new work.  


Untitled photo

Photo credit:  Julie Oldbury

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